To say that Dubai’s heat could be discomforting would be a massive understatement. This heat isn’t just irritating for people but also has a negative impact on the performance and well-being of your car tires UAE. If you are one of those who are searching for answers to solve the problem of the effect of heat on tires, then one of the leading tire retailers Dubai –, have come up with an array of tips to help you deal with this issue. Here are some of those tips.


What do you do when you develop a minor irritating cough? Do you wait for it to get worse or seek a doctor’s help to treat it before it becomes bad? Most people would go with the latter option. And that is exactly what you should do with car tires as well. Before the minor issues assume greater proportions, get your car and tires checked by experts to diagnose the problems and nip them in the bud.

Hydrate Your Car Battery

Just like us human beings need to stay hydrated during periods of heat for our bodies to perform optimally, car batteries too need to be hydrated during summers. If the battery fluid evaporates due to heat, it will have an immediate adverse impact on the battery life. You may want to provide the battery with distilled water periodically. Also make it a point to fill up your car’s coolant level if you want the radiator to perform efficiently.

Check Tire Pressure

Check Tire Pressure

Excessive heat could destabilize the tire pressure. So, make sure to check if the tire pressure is appropriate by using a pressure gauge before you get in the car and drive it.

Protect the Interiors

Your car’s interior may suffer grave damage because of excessive UV rays. And nothing increases the quantum of UV rays your car is subjected to like excess heat. So, you may want to use leather protection, or even vinyl, to protect your seats and the instrument panel. Tinting your windows may also be an option worth considering.

Protect the Interiors

Clean the Car

A cleaner car is much more adept at blocking radiant heat as compared to dirty cars. The dirt on the car actually absorbs the heat and excessive radiation. You may want to go for a full-service wash delivered by a reputed professional cleaning company to clean your car properly.

The 5 tips mentioned here would hold you in good stead for taking proper care of your car during periods of extreme heat in Dubai. Follow them diligently and you should not face much problems. To know more about car care, car tyres, or to hire the services of a professional car care company, click here.

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