Check the Jacking and Sliding System Before Use

Abnormal loads can be difficult, dangerous, or infeasible to lift using cranes. In such a case, jacks and slides are the best option. Though the process of moving the loads might seem simple, the systems have various parts that work in tandem to bring efficiency. To keep the machines in good working conditions, you should always take precaution.
It is the responsibility of workers working in the warehouse and technicians alike to observe safety precaution. There is laxity especially because jacking and sliding Dubai accidents are rare. However, when they occur, they are fatal. Here are the safety measures you should observe when the machines are in operation.

Stick to The Load Limit

Strain to the hydraulic system can be a disaster in waiting. You should always stick to the load limits to avoid any mishap. The precaution also ensures durability and efficiency of the equipment. It is also essential to follow the load shape requirements because the machines have the specifications. The operator should also ensure the load follows the height and length guidelines.

Protective Gear

Workers within the warehouse should be in the right protective gear. For example gumboots for grip and to avoid pricking of any soft shoes by sharp objects. It is also advisable to put on hardhats and protective goggles to ensure your head is well protected. In case the warehouse has dust due to the nature of loads, you should put on nose mask. The clothing is not only for operators but everyone who needs access to the premise.

Regular Training

It is common to assume that once you take the initial training, every other knowledge is gained through practical operation. However, old and new operators should have regular training to keep them up to date with operation guidelines for jacking and sliding equipment. When there is installation of new machines, the operators as well as other workers within the warehouse should receive training. The training ensures everyone is updated on any changes.


Jacking and sliding systems should be well lubricated for maximum efficiency. Oiling reduces friction which could lead to overheating of moving parts. Friction also increases wear and tear which can cause fast depreciation of the system. You should also use the recommended grease for each part and the machine as well. That is why it is recommended that you should read the manufacturer’s manual for such guidelines.

Check the Jacking and Sliding System Before Use

Ensure the machinery has enough fuel, all bolts and nuts are tight, the bearing wheels are in good condition, and the slides are functional. You should not operate a jack and slide equipment that is faulty because you will risk not only your life but also the lives of other workers. The equipment should be compatible with the operations. Some machines may not be ideal for some activities. You can click here to book a rental jacking and sliding equipment.

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