Guide to Help You Cut Down Costs on Self-Storage

Whether you are relocating or simply looking for temporary self-storage, here are a few ways to help you lower your costs on renting the unit. As experts in this domain, we aim at helping readers save more while also benefit from our Dubai storage company. Read on to know more about these handy tips.

Resell Unwanted Items

Sort all your items out, you can always make extra money by selling items that you don’t want. When you sell, you don’t just save on storage, but can also use that money to pay for the rent of the storage space.

Avoid Storing Electronics

When storing items, the most wasteful ones include technology and electronics, especially if you plan on storing them for a long time. They tend to be outdated and lose value over time, making it harder for owners to resell them. Our advice would be to either sell them or offer it to a friend or family for temporary use.

Store Smartly

We have all played the game of packing, loading, and storing goods on our electronic devices. The reality however begs to differ. You need to store smartly in order to allow more items in one space. Ideally, you need to place the bulkier items first and gradually stack items that are lighter and fragile. You could also use bins, boxes or shelves to fill the gaps. A smart storing plan saves you both space and money.

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Think Before Buying

Before buying a new item, it’s best to ask yourself if you really need it at that time or it can wait till after your storage requirement is complete. That way you save further and can purchase them at a later stage. That being said, this is only if it is not an urgent requirement.


While this may sound obvious, one way of reducing cost is by reducing the size of the storage space. We suggest taking your time when planning this and ask yourself whether you need the item or not. It’s best if you keep items that you really want and dispose of the ones that may not be as necessary. Decluttering is a great way of getting rid of unwanted items, therefore reducing the storage space and cost of renting. There are several ways of disposing of them, such as reselling, donating, giving it to friends or family, or simply throwing it away.

Rent Two Units

If you have items to be stored on a long-term basis but also have equipment that needs to be accessed regularly, we recommend renting two separate units. One could be to store the long-term goods, while the other storage space Dubai to store goods that you require daily. That way, you have easy access to them, and your long-term goods don’t have to be disturbed, thus allowing them to stay with their firm packing.

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