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There are several businesses who blindly place their faith in an SEO agency, without doing any background check. We’ve come across several companies, especially startups who invest thousands into these companies in order to achieve a ranking, only to realize that they have been scammed. Unlike a professional and reliable company for search engine optimization like SEOTOP, there are a few out there, that may be charging skyrocket prices and not offering any value. In this article, we cover a few tell-tale signs that the company is not the right one.

Unable to Offer Suggestions

If they are not asking or offering any suggestions in order to improve the signs, one out of the two things may be happening – either they are performing suspicious acts or are simply not working at all. A non-professional company would take the shortcut by adding backlinks to your website, with the hope that they would achieve results. They have zero interest in putting any effort into working on your website but will opt for such techniques to show as proof that they are working on your website. A reputable company will work hand in hand with you, offer recommendations and ensure your website is successful.

The Company Doesn’t Ask Questions

A reputable SEO agency would request your help while they’re working on your website. Since you are the site owner, they should definitely ask you for access to your Control Management System, any social media accounts that you might have. Additionally, they should also ask and be able to provide you with a list of keywords for your site. If they don’t ask for any of these details, the likelihood of them performing suspicious activities is very high.

How to Spot A Non-Reliable SEO Firm?

They Offer Generic Reponses

If you are curious about the techniques used by your selected SEO company, you should not hesitate to ask them. If, however they respond with replies such as, it’s confidential, we are not permitted to disclose our practices due to the nature of the business or offer generic responses such as they don’t have the time, or that we are working on the usual, these are all signs that to consider and discontinue working with them.

They Are Unable to Offer You Deliverables

Any professional company would have something to show you, and no, we don’t mean results or rankings. These typically take at least three to four months or perhaps even longer to show results. We, however, are talking about the practices that they follow in order to achieve these results. It is your right to ask them for certain deliverables such as the SEO audit of your site, analysis of your site, the optimized content for it as well as articles that are used for backlink purposes.

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