Why Renting A Yacht Is Ideal Over Buying

Boat rental ends up reaching the era of the Internet. Speak of it as opposed to renting a vehicle. It can be done from practically any location and at any time. Want an airport car rental? There are several available to choose from, without any difficulty. The Dubai yacht rental prices are obviously much lower than owning one. There are yachts of every shape, size, and strength that are easily available at the click of a button. It poses a vital question for both yacht rental enthusiasts and those aspiring to be one alike. The question being why should I opt to buy a yacht and not rent one? Until recently this problem really had no solution. But now we do, which is why we bring to you this article explaining the top four reasons you would want to consider renting a yacht as opposed to buying one.

Depreciation Cost

Some people use their yachts as though it were their second home. It’s perfect as it offers you views of the waterfront. The only drawback is they depreciate in value, similar to cars, and unlike houses, they certainly depreciate and lose value over time. Yachts do not quantify their use by miles, but instead by the number of hours the engine was used over time. The more it has been used, the lower the value goes.


The good thing about chartering is that you can rent a yacht for various purposes. A sunset package would be ideal for a romantic evening, the fishing boat perfect for fishing enthusiasts, etc. Well, you get the drill.  There are numerous  reasons, and owning one will certainly limit you to what it is intended for.

Dubai Yacht Rental Prices

Maintenance Cost

If you’ve not been intimidated yet by the expenses involved in owning a yacht, let us enlighten you with the costs involved in maintenance. Given that they are continuously on water, the materials used would need to be salt water-resistant as it will be constantly exposed to water. Simply put, they are going to be much costlier than regular materials. Additionally, they would need regular inspection and cleaning, in order to maintain their appearance. Add the cost of insurance, and you’ll see yourself having some severe financial commitments. You definitely won’t have to worry about this  either when renting the yacht.

Initial Cost

The initial costs of owning a boat are usually very high. We ‘re talking about tens of thousands of dirhams, depending on what kind of boat you choose to use. Boats these days that come with all the bells and whistles, would easily cost about thousands of dirhams. That is if you are looking for one that allows you to cruise in,  sleep, and eat. That’s right! With renting, on the other hand, you easily eliminate the upfront costs that would come with buying one.

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